Cayman Islands: A Great Place to Do Business

By Sandra Springer July 30th, 2017

There are some good reasons that the Cayman Islands has developed into a world leader in captives. Charting 35 years in the business in Cayman, George Rusu and Nick Hentges of Captive Resources explain what they feel makes the jurisdiction special — and so successful.

Excerpt: Even in 1982, the Cayman Islands projected that same attitude of being open for business and willing to work with business in terms of what it needs. Its regulatory regime has always been of the highest quality but it has also been nimble and open-minded. The same is true today and that is why we have stayed loyal to the domicile for all this time.”

That is how George Rusu, the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Captive Resources, the group captive specialist that consults to some 34 group captives domiciled in Cayman—comprising nearly 18 percent of all captive premium in the Cayman Islands—describes his experience of Cayman in his early days, and how it has maintained that consistency since.

Download the PDF to read the full article from Cayman Captive.

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