Recapping the 2022 CICA International Conference

By Sean Flavin March 15th, 2022

For the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CICA International Conference returned to an in-person setting earlier this month. CICA International brings together captive professionals from around the world “to explore new uses of captives, to engage new talent, and to outline best practices.” Based on the attendance, it’s safe to say that representatives from across the captive industry were excited to be back in person as the conference had more than 500 attendees, 100 expert speakers, and 50 exhibitors.

The Captive Resources team was among those who headed to Tucson, AZ, to participate in the conference, with a delegation that included multiple speakers and panel participants. Here’s a rundown of those sessions.

Engaging, Retaining, and Developing the Next Generation of Talent

Panel (left to right): Nick Hentges — CEO, Captive Resources; Diana Hardy, Audit Partner — RH CPAs; Molly Hentges — Account Executive, Gallagher Bassett; Brittany Nevins — Captive Insurance Economic Development Director, State of Vermont.

Captive Resources’ CEO, Nick Hentges, took the stage in this session for a panel discussion on how organizations can engage the next generation of talent in the captive industry. Members of the panel ranged from young professionals to industry veterans.

The panelists discussed a wide range of issues, including how companies' approach to attracting and retaining young talent has changed during the pandemic. And the conversation offered tangible tips on how companies can develop young talent, like using internship programs to both attract young talent and help those individuals develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

The panel also provided their thoughts on how younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z approach work differently than their more senior cohorts — e.g., the importance of flexibility, work-life balance, and creating a diverse workplace. But, while Millennials and Gen Z may be close in age and have a lot in common, Hentges encouraged seasoned professionals not to treat younger generations as monolithic groups.

“We should not generalize,” said Hentges. “I think these generations have a real passion and an incredible amount to offer.”

“I love working with the younger generation because I also learn from them.”

The session was a part of CICA’s NEXTGen initiative, which launched in 2019 to promote the voices of young and new professionals in the industry.

What’s Behind the Growth in Medical Stop Loss Group Captives?

Panel (left to right): Joe Parrilli — Senior Vice President (SVP), Captive Resources, LLC; Renee Bosley — SVP Employee Benefits, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants; Vanessa Andersen — Human Resources (HR) Director, Rummel Construction, Inc.

The popularity of medical stop loss group captives has been on the rise, fueled by factors like increasing healthcare costs. This session helped further explain this growth while detailing how medical stop loss group captives can benefit companies. Captive Resources' SVP, Joe Parrilli, led a discussion alongside Vanessa Anderson — HR Director of Rummel Construction, a member-owner of Well Health Insurance, Ltd. (a group captive supported by Captive Resources) — and her company’s broker, Renee Bosley —SVP of Employee Benefits at EPIC.

The larger-than-average crowd was especially engaged throughout the presentation. By including viewpoints from both the broker and member perspective, Parrilli and the panel expertly outlined the main benefits of medical stop loss group captives, including:

  • Ability to control overall healthcare costs (not just premiums).
  • Increased transparency into the flow of dollars and loss drivers.
  • Flexibility to craft a program that works best for each member (thanks, in part, to unbundling service providers).
  • Ability to share risks with like-minded organizations.
  • Potential dividend rewards for minimizing claims.

Click here to learn more about medical stop loss group captives.

Maximizing Results in Captive Tax Audits and Litigation

Panel (left to right): Chaz Lavelle — Partner, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum LLP; Amy Lewis — SVP and Tax Director, Captive Resources; Kacie Dillon — Partner, Woolston & Tarter, P.C.

As the IRS continues to conduct intensive audits of small (831b) captives, Captive Resources' SVP and Tax Director, Amy Lewis, joined a panel of experts to answer critical questions like:

  • If one doesn't accept the standard settlement, how do you maximize your results in an audit or litigation?
  • Where does the IRS get its information?
  • Will the IRS hire outside experts?
  • Should the captives hire outside experts?
  • How much are penalties, and when do they apply?

Taxes are always a hot topic among captive owners and the panel’s unique and insightful expertise was well-received throughout this highly attended session.

Global Captive Podcast Live!

The 2022 CICA International Conference closed out on a lighter note with a live episode of the Global Captive Podcast. Host Richard Cutcher peppered two panels of guests — the latter of which included CEO Nick Hentges — on a few big questions facing the captive industry while sprinkling in a few fun topics and captive trivia.

Click here to check out the full episode from Global Captive Podcast.

The podcast was a great end to a successful conference, and it was especially nice to see everyone in-person once again. This year was the first time Captive Resources was an exhibitor at the conference and we’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to say hello. We’d also like to thank all those from the Captive Resources team that attended and who all worked in advance to help make valuable contributions to the conference: Nick Hentges, Amy Lewis, Dave Netti, Donna Dreuth, Joe Parrilli, Sandra Springer, and Sean Flavin.

To round out our accolades to the team, congratulations to Nick Hentges who was elected Vice Chair of CICA’s Board of Directors. And a special shout out to Dave Netti who succeeded Sandra Springer on CICA’s Conference Program Committee last year, who devoted his time and talents to help build a great program.

Thanks to CICA for putting on a fantastic conference, and we can't wait to see everyone next year!

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