About Captive Resources

Captive Resources was founded four decades ago to answer a simple question: How can commercial insurance benefit businesses rather than insurance companies?

Ever-increasing premium costs; little, if any transparency; lack of control over insurance programs — these are just a few of the many challenges that businesses like yours encounter with traditional commercial insurance. At Captive Resources, we believe insurance should work for insureds, not insurers, which is why we’ve been helping companies like yours take control of their insurance destiny since day one.

Our Reason for Being

At Captive Resources, we operate with one mission and one mission alone:

To provide businesses the opportunity to control their insurance programs through the creation and oversight of member-owned group captive insurance companies.

Today, we are the premier consultant to member-owned group captive insurance companies. Our captive insurance professionals support every aspect of the group captives we advise — from safety and claims advocacy to operational oversight, risk management, financial services, investment services, and more.

Applying our proven strategies and innovative member-owned model, Captive Resources brings the highest quality insurance protection to each captive member. At the same time, we help members increase their buying power, achieve greater stability and predictability of their insurance costs, and drive profitability to their bottom lines.

Over the last four decades, we have helped create 46 group captives that serve over 6,500 member companies located across the United States. Today, Captive Resources proudly advises several of the largest member-owned group captive insurance companies in the world — which is no small task. Captive Resources advises captives with total premiums of $4.5 billion and assets of $12 billion.

Our History

The inspiration to form a company like Captive Resources came in the wake of the insurance crisis of the mid-1970s when business owners were paying exorbitant premiums for traditional insurance coverage or struggling to obtain coverage at all. In the early 1980s, the company’s founders created one of the first member-owned heterogeneous group captive insurance companies. It became an incubator for what, years later, would become a company that provided consulting services exclusively to member-owned group captives. That company was Captive Resources.

Today, decades later, Captive Resources has grown to become the largest, most successful, and most experienced advisor to member-owned group captive insurance companies in the United States.