Group Captive Financial Services

At Captive Resources (CRI), we’re here to support companies throughout the process of joining and participating in a member-owned group captive, which includes assisting members with a variety of captive financial services. Our Finance team is comprised of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who are there for you every step of the way to help with efforts like:

Completing Essential Financial Information

Our CPAs have accounting, audit, and tax backgrounds, allowing them to coordinate the efforts of various service providers to assist each captive in completing essential financial requirements like:

Understanding Captive Finances

Our Finance team helps captive members and our broker partners understand the financial aspects of the program. Through the captive meetings and various workshops, we educate members and brokers on topics like:

We’re also available as a one-on-one resource for captive members, prospective members, and brokers to address specific captive financial matters or questions, including discussions with members’ outside accounting and tax providers.

Financial Strategy

In the group captives we work with, each member is an equal shareholder and assists in governing the company. To ensure members have the information they need to make sound decisions, our Finance team analyzes captive and industry information to provide recommendations to each captive’s Board of Directors on financial matters, such as distribution decisions.

Providing Sound Investing Advice

An investment fund is available exclusively to the group captives we support, which allows captives to put their underwriting and cash collateral dollars to work with an investment vehicle that provides improved returns and a balanced risk profile. Our Finance team works closely with the fund's Board of Directors (which is comprised of captive member shareholders) to meet the various captives’ investment objectives.