Why Captive Resources

Learn why over 6,500 companies trust Captive Resources to help them take control of their insurance destiny.

At Captive Resources, we understand the myriad challenges that mid-sized companies face in the conventional insurance market:

To address these and other challenges of conventional insurance, Captive Resources' founders set out to answer a simple question:

How can commercial insurance benefit businesses rather than traditional insurance carriers?

The answer they came up with was to create a better way for smaller to mid-sized companies to finance and manage risk… and we never stop working on improving that captive solution.

Why We Exist

We exist to help businesses lower their total cost of risk by taking control of their insurance programs, lowering their premium costs, and making their workplaces safer.

What We Do

We guide best-in-class companies through the process of joining, managing, and growing member-owned group captives.

How We Do It

As the premier consultant to member-owned group captives, we’ve been perfecting our innovative and unique model for four decades. We offer a full suite of services to support this model —including management guidance, operational support, and strategic captive insurance expertise to a portfolio of 46 group captives comprising over 6,500 members.

The Captive Resources Edge

Captive Resources' full array of consulting services provides a competitive edge to our captive clients and their member companies, an advantage you won’t find anywhere else. But it’s not just the services we provide that differentiate us. How we execute is what really gives our clients the edge. Here are just a few of the reasons why our captive clients and their members love working with Captive Resources.

Industry Leadership

If it’s been done in the group captive insurance industry over the last 40 years, chances are Captive Resources did it first. Our innovative member-owned group captive model gives the group captives we work with unparalleled control, customized pricing, and access to best-in-class risk control and safety resources.

Flexible Solutions

Captive Resources unbundles and structures individual services to meet each captive’s unique needs and requirements. Unlike traditional insurance companies that offer limited and typically inflexible services, a Captive Resources-administered captive can more readily alter its support services without undue disruption or extra costs.

Premiums Based on Performance

The group captives we work with base each member’s premium on their actual loss experience and exposure levels rather than generic state rates and industry standards.

Strength in Numbers

By joining a group captive, companies enjoy new-found buying power and clout. The member-owned group captives we work with have strong relationships with numerous fronting and reinsurance carriers, as well as claims administration and loss prevention companies. These long-standing relationships often result in better service and lower costs for members.

Efficient Governance

Our group captive model is based on efficient and time-tested governance practices that provide all members an equal vote in the management and direction of the captive and streamlines members’ participation, so they can spend more time running their own businesses.

Increased Profit Potential

We helped our advised captives create an investment fund in 1994 to meet the specific investment and credit needs of the group captives that we serve, and have helped it grow to $8.3 billion in assets under management (as of Q1 2024).

Partners You Can Count On

“In the 20+ years that we have partnered with Captive Resources, they have distinguished themselves from our many other business relationships by their competence, their reliability, and their professionalism. They have consistently given us more than we have expected. We have been extremely pleased.”
F. Christian Haab, Jr. — CEO | F. C. Haab Co., Inc.
“Over the past 20+ years, it’s been great working with our friends at Captive Resources. Their captive model has been consistent since day one. Our captive clients enjoy lower net costs, no longer worry about their insurance, and some say that joining a group captive is the best business decision they’ve ever made!”
Steven P. Buterbaugh, CPCU, AAI — President/Principal | McConkey Insurance & Benefits
“The best business decision I ever made was starting my own company. The second best business decision I ever made was joining a group captive. Captive Resources’ team of leading-edge professionals has my complete trust. They have been an extremely important part of my company’s success.”
LoRayne Logan — President | workplace