Premium Financing

Captive Resources (CRI) has frequently had members and prospective members express interest in collateral and premium financing options. To address this need, we introduced a program with AFCO Capital, an independent financing firm, that can finance both premium costs and collateral requirements for members of the captives we support.  

Financing Highlights

Premium Financing FAQs

Are the collateral financing rates the same as the premium financing rates?

Collateral financing rates and terms (deposit and number of payments) will depend upon the individual member’s financials. Collateral is unsecured financing and will not be returned if there is a cancellation for non-payment of premium. Typically, collateral financing rates would range up to 1 point more than the premium financing rate.

Are the payment terms for collateral financing the same as premium?

The payment terms can be the same as the premium payment terms, but the terms could be adjusted to a larger deposit or shorter duration of payments after reviewing the member’s financials. The terms of financing will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Can I finance just my collateral?

No, AFCO requires the financing of premium to finance collateral.

Can I finance short-term policy periods?

AFCO can finance short-term policies (as low as 2 to 3 months) with the expectation of financing the renewal premium.

Can I get the same rate and terms for financing my ancillary policies as I get for the captive program policies?

Yes, the rate and terms will be the same unless the ancillary policies have minimum premiums or cancellation requirements that differ from the captive program. If the terms differ, the payment schedule, deposit amounts, and financing rate could be adjusted for the ancillary policies.

Can I finance my audits and assessments?

Yes, only if there is a current AFCO contract in place. Approval may be subject to financial review.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of collateral I can finance?

Typically, collateral financing will need to be no more than 35 percent of the total premium financed. This will usually equate to financing one year of collateral with the captive premium.