Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Our meeting planning and travel experts work hard to make it possible for the group captive members we work with to meet and conduct the business of their captives.

A unique and important aspect of member-owned group captives concerns captive governance. In the group captives that work with Captive Resources (CRI), the member companies own the captive as equal shareholders — that is, there are multiple, unrelated owners that can number in the hundreds for mature captives. These members must periodically meet to conduct the business of their captive. And, since the captives are domiciled outside of the United States, the directors must meet offshore.

Bringing together hundreds of people — members, brokers, service providers, guests — for multi-day meetings is no small task. And, since each captive meets only semi-annually, it’s important that these meetings are very well organized and run smoothly so members are able to maximize their time together and the captive’s budget.

CRI has the expertise in meeting and event planning and business travel to facilitate these meetings and create valuable opportunities for members to network and share best practices. The team works with the CRI captive service teams and directly with members to address every logistical detail including:

In addition to captive Board meetings, our meeting planning and travel team also plans and facilitates Risk Control & Safety, Broker, and Financial workshops across the United States, and always ensures that members are able to make the most of their time together.