What We Do

Captive Resources helps companies like yours take control of their insurance destiny via our innovative member-owned group captive model. As captive consultants, we coordinate and support every aspect of the group captives we advise — including operational oversight, risk management, financial services, investment services, and more.

Exceptional Service Delivers Exceptional Results

If you’re browsing this site, there’s a good chance you’re considering upgrading your company’s insurance coverage by breaking away from the traditional market. Whether it’s the lack of control over coverage, inadequate transparency into claims and other aspects of your program, or fluctuating premium costs, something is telling you that it’s time to take control.

We couldn’t agree more.

At Captive Resources, that’s exactly what we do: We help companies take control of their insurance programs by providing industry-leading consultation services to dozens of member-owned group captives. Unlike some insurers and service providers, Captive Resources is singularly focused on delivering exceptional captive support services that help members obtain the best and most suitable protection for their businesses.

Thousands of businesses have turned to Captive Resources for a smarter solution to the insurance dilemmas they’ve faced. Why? Because our model — unique in the captive insurance industry — delivers tangible results that positively impact each member’s bottom line. It’s no wonder that the group captives we support boast a 98 percent retention rate year over year.

Captive Consulting Services: The Captive Resources Team

From the selection of third-party service providers to the way internal teams are structured, Captive Resources commits resources that deliver personalized attention to captive members. Each captive is provided a dedicated team of professionals that works with individual members:


Risk Control Services

Our dedicated risk control professionals work with captive members to help make their organizations safer, which helps prevent employee injuries and fatalities and lowers their total cost of risk.

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Financial Services

Our experienced CPAs assist captives and their members in completing essential financial information, understanding captive finances, and more.

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Claims Services

Our Claims Services department is staffed with experienced claims professionals that provide claims advocacy and serve as a liaison between members and the captive’s third-party administrator (TPA). They develop effective and responsive claim service programs for individual captive members.

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Program Management

Our Program Management teams provide members and their brokers assistance with member submissions, onboarding of new members, renewals, data reporting, and more.

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Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Most captives’ Board of Directors meet twice each year to make the decisions necessary to successfully operate their captive insurance companies. Bringing together hundreds of people — members, brokers, service providers, guests — for multi-day meetings is no small task, but one which Captive Resources is equipped to expertly handle.

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Investment Services

The captives that we support have exclusive access to a Cayman Islands domiciled mutual fund. This investment fund was established to offer the captives a preferred investment vehicle that provides improved returns with a balanced risk profile.

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Managing Service Providers

The captives we support don’t have employees, so they outsource or "unbundle" all necessary support services to captive service providers. This decentralized approach has several advantages, but it also necessitates building relationships with a wide array of service providers, including insurers, reinsurers, TPAs, actuaries, auditors, loss prevention consultants, etc. We help our captive clients manage these relationships by:

Long-Term Planning

As the captives mature, their needs evolve, and so we often provide strategic advice on issues like handling growth, changing retentions and reinsurance requirements, and closing underwriting years. As the premier consultant to member-owned group captives, our expertise allows us to deliver effective long-range strategic planning that has resulted in the captives we support boasting a 98 percent retention rate.