Case Study: Staffing Firm Slashes Insurance Costs Even as Payroll Triples

May 21st, 2024

Our member-owned group captive insurance model provides companies with the resources and expertise necessary to identify and implement innovative solutions to reduce their overall cost of risk. Our latest case study highlights how the group captive model helped one staffing firm cut its insurance costs nearly in half, even as its payroll more than tripled.

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Here’s what you’ll learn from this exclusive case study:

  • Identifying the Root Causes: Group captive membership provided the company with the resources, expertise, and support to identify and address the causes of rising costs.
  • Implementing Innovative Solutions: The flexibility of the group captive model enabled the company to implement a two-pronged approach to address those issues.
  • Achieving Impressive Results: The innovative solutions allowed the company to cut its insurance costs by 47%, even as its payroll skyrocketed by 245%.
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