CEO George Rusu
Joins IBA Hall of Fame

By Sean Flavin November 05th, 2021

George Rusu — Captive Resources’ Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder — joined an esteemed group of insurance veterans in the 2021 class of Insurance Business America’s (IBA) Hall of Fame. This year marks the fifth year of IBA Hall of Fame inductees, which honors “executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have risen from a variety of backgrounds to establish themselves as leaders in the insurance industry.”

After co-founding Captive Resources in the 1980s, Rusu has led the company throughout decades of impressive growth. Rusu founded Captive Resources to give companies a way to control their insurance programs by becoming stakeholders in a group captive insurance company. With Rusu at the helm, Captive Resources has become the premier consultant in the group captive industry.

“I’d recommend anyone joining our industry find something within it that they can make their own and improve,” Rusu said. “If you find something that you uniquely enjoy doing, then you will never work another day in your life. You will simply wake up every day doing something you enjoy. I believe the insurance industry has some of the nicest and most interesting people within it. It’s been my pleasure to be a part of this unique community.”

To qualify for the IBA Hall of Fame, individuals must have 35 years of experience in the insurance industry and demonstrate a proven dedication and contribution to insurance. Candidates are evaluated by the Hall of Fame Advisory Panel — an independent judging panel comprised of industry leaders and former Hall of Fame inductees.

About the IBA Hall of Fame

IBA's Hall of Fame celebrates the industry's entrepreneurs, pioneers, and leaders who have dedicated their careers to the advancement of insurance. Boasting more than three decades of insurance experience, these titans have paved the way for thousands of others to find success in the insurance industry. Without their hard work and vision, the industry would not be what it is today. To date, over 80 leaders have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

About Captive Resources, LLC

Captive Resources provides mid-market companies with the ability to become insurance company owners rather than insurance buyers and lower their total cost of risk. We do this through the creation, development, and oversight of member-owned group captive insurance companies. We currently consult to 42 group captives with 5,400-plus member-companies and more than $3 billion in annual premium. We support every aspect of the captives we advise, from claims advocacy to operational oversight, risk management, financial services, regulatory compliance, investment services, and more.

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