[Infographic]: How Group Captives Improve Risk Control Performance

By Sean Flavin August 18th, 2022

Members of the group captives supported by Captive Resources are well known for their commitment to and success in controlling risk. But is risk control prowess inherent in the companies that join group captives? Or does group captive membership drive better risk control? Well, the answer is both.

This infographic chronicles a member’s journey — from nascency to maturity — to show how the group captives we support help companies maximize their risk control programs.

The journey starts with the caliber of companies that typically join the group captives that we support. Companies with qualities and traits like safety-conscious, dedicated to controlling risk, and entrepreneurial. The quest progresses as these companies mature, leveraging the resources and support of the group captive programs supported by Captive Resources, resulting in risk control outcomes that shine compared to members’ industry peers.

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