[Infographic]: 72% of New Group Captive Members Save When They Join

By Sean Flavin November 08th, 2021

It’s official: The vast majority of companies save money when joining a group captive. This assertion comes from a recent analysis of roughly 1,000 bound policies of new group captive members in captives we support compared to the companies’ previous costs in the conventional insurance plans.

We created an infographic to highlight just how much typical members save. Fill out the form below to download your free copy.

What Makes These Findings Important?

If you’ve noticed your company’s insurance premiums have continued to increase, you’re not alone. In Q2 2021, commercial insurance premiums increased for the 15th consecutive quarter, according to The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB). And these premium increases have been as sweeping as they have been persistent. Pricing increases have hit across all account sizes and major lines of coverage.

Average Commercial Pricing Increases by Account Size

Group captive insurance offers companies a way to escape the volatility of the conventional market and take control of their insurance costs.

What Makes Group Captive Insurance Different?

There are a lot of answers to this question, but they all revolve around a central theme: control. Group captives allow companies to transition from passive buyers of an insurance policy into active owners of an insurance company. All the group captives that we work with are owned and operated by the companies they insure, providing members several ways to control their total insurance costs.

Why Do Group Captive Members Typically Pay Less?

In the infographic, we explore several reasons why new group captive members typically pay less than their previous conventional insurance plan, all of which are related to having ownership over the program. While we encourage you to download the infographic to get the full story, here are a few of those reasons:

  • Lower operating costs compared to conventional insurers.
  • Profit potential from unused loss funds.
  • Insulation from market conditions.

Want to learn more about how joining a group captive could help your company address the rising costs of the conventional market? Contact Captive Resources today.

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